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Many schools and educational organizations today are using student surveys to evaluate student perceptions, behaviors, and activities across a wide variety of topics such as bullying, substance abuse, school climate, and more. However, successfully conducting a student survey doesn’t end once the responses have been collected. In fact, that’s when one of the most important […]

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Student surveys can be powerful tools to help school administration and educators gather valuable data. This school data allows for an in-depth analysis of the overall school climate, at the same time rendering a representative picture of student perceptions. There are a number of reasons school systems should consider conducting student surveys, but we’ve laid […]


Flexible School Funding with ESSA, a New Piece of Key Federal Education Legislation New federal education legislation may soon be affecting school budgets and allowing more flexibility in terms of spending. In 2016, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into legislation, effectively replacing No Child Left Behind (NCLB). ESSA changes several key budgetary […]

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An In-Depth Look at Student Drug Use & Substance Abuse Surveys Substance use and abuse by students has been a national issue for decades due to the impact that it has on students and learning. It’s no surprise that school surveys specifically designed to measure student behaviors and attitudes towards drugs have been in use […]

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Student Survey Types & Samples: An Overview It’s no secret that student surveys are a powerful way for schools to evaluate their programs, environments, and students’ perceptions and behaviors. Thus, they are often an attractive option for administrators and educational decision-makers who are interested in assessing their schools. But before you begin the process of […]

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How to Choose the Best Student Surveys for Your Middle or High School Student surveys are a powerful and popular way for middle and high schools to evaluate a variety of educational factors, such as school climate, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, and more. How do you know you’re picking the right survey for […]

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There are many different types of school surveys available today, measuring a wide variety of factors from mental health and bullying to drug and alcohol use and more. One popular type of measurement used today is the school climate survey. The phrase school climate “refers to the quality and character of school life…[it] is based […]

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Why Conduct School Surveys for Teachers and Staff? Surveying students on school climate, drug use and exposure, bullying incidence, mental health issues, and more is a practice becoming more commonplace in schools and in education-related decision-making processes. However, a school is composed of more than just students. Teachers and staff are part of the educational […]

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Student surveys are a fairly common method by which schools and education boards gather accurate representations of school climate, student perceptions and beliefs, and issues affecting the learning environment. Faculty, staff, and teacher surveys are utilized for a similar purpose, as they enable administrators to gain perspective from adults interacting with students individually and in […]

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In recent years, school and student surveys have gained more popularity in educational settings across the country. There are many different types of surveys available that measure a wide range of factors, environments, and perceptions, such as school and classroom climate; student, parent, and teacher perceptions; alcohol, drug, and tobacco use; mental health and bullying; […]

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