Cyber-Bullying Victims are at a Higher Risk

Jun 7, 2013   Hi Everyone, I missed my post last week but this is my chance to make it up a bit. There are a few new trends in problem behaviors that seem to be more damaging than others. One that is of particular interest to me, because of it’s relation to technology and […]


Capitol Hill Briefing

May 23, 2013 Hi, Everyone – Last week was a busy one for us up in Bowling Green, KY. You may or may not know that we are located in 2 places, Bowling Green and Atlanta, GA. Here in Atlanta we love our time up in Bowling Green, there’s just a bit of culture shock […]


Survey Results – What our Customers & Colleagues are Saying

May 15, 2013 Hi everyone and welcome to the Pride Surveys Blog. My name is Jay Gleaton and I’m the CEO here at Pride. We are going to use this space to provide useful tips and tricks to help you with the survey process, insightful looks into the data that we are gathering and best […]