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School Climate Surveys for

Teachers, Faculty, and Staff

School climate surveys for teachers, faculty, and staff are an excellent tool to gauge the educational experience and environment. When used in conjunction with similar surveys for students and parents, these questionnaires can give a thorough and accurate portrait of the school environment.

As a nationally recognized survey provider, we have been working for over 30 years to help schools better understand their educational environments, and our dependable questionnaires for educators are an excellent way to accomplish this.

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Pride Surveys has been a vital provider of school, system, and state level culture and climate data to Alabama for over a decade. Their written reports are easy to read and logically constructed while their online dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use. Pride Surveys caters to the needs of their customers and provides valid, reliable and timely data when promised. I highly recommend their product and have been very appreciative of the quality of their service. In Pride Surveys you are assured of a superior product supported by a group of individuals that possess great integrity.

Dr. Tony Thacker
Job Title : Coordinator, Research and Development
Organization : ALSDE

Your teachers, administrators and other school personnel not only work every day to enrich the lives of your students, but they also often serve as the front-line for protecting them from temptations like alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD). With the Pride for Faculty and Staff Survey, you’ll find out how to better support their efforts – the results of these quantitative surveys will help your school and system planners decide which ATOD policies to maintain, which new prevention or intervention programs to initiate, and how to improve personnel training.

The Pride Teaching Environment Survey provides a context by which whole schools are measured. After undergoing more than three years of psychometric testing of responses drawn from 72,000 teachers, the data produced by this comprehensive school climate survey has been found proven and valid to help school administrators foster an environment of teacher satisfaction and student success.

What to Expect from Our School Climate Survey for Teachers

Our comprehensive school climate survey serves as a highly-recommended tool for evaluating the following:

  • Career and intentions
  • School leadership
  • Shared decision-making
  • School climate
  • Students and learning
  • The teaching experience

Our Teaching Environment Survey can help your school administrators, teachers, and other personnel work together to improve teaching methods – learn more about the many benefits of conducting a school climate questionnaire, or order online now!