Pride Surveys COVID-19 Impact Student Surveys

Educators and public health officials across the country are justifiably concerned that the virtual and hybrid classroom structures will have long-lasting effects on our nation’s students. With survey results from this questionnaire, school systems – state, district, local – can identify students’ and teachers’ challenges to determine the impact of currently used learning approaches, wellbeing, mental health challenges, and challenges with technology and attendance posed by the pandemic.

Pride Surveys COVID-19 Impact Student Survey

Pride Surveys has worked with education industry leaders and teachers to develop the new COVID-19 Student Impact Survey. With the mental health and well-being impacts of online school, distance learning, and lack of face-to-face social interaction still unknown, the Student Impact Survey provides critical data for schools, education leaders, and health professionals.

For students, the survey includes questions on several domains affected by COVID-19:

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COVID-19 Impact Student Survey Sample Questions

The questions for students are comprehensive and encourage transparent feedback on all facets of their education, safety, nutrition, substance abuse, and mental health, such as:

School and Teaching:

  • How safe would/do you feel returning to school in person at this time?
  • Do you prefer online classes or learning in school?
  • How often are you wearing masks in school?


  • Do you have enough access to school counseling services (ex., counselors who can help with mental health, feelings, or problems students may be experiencing)?


  • Do you have access to a laptop or other device like a tablet to use for schoolwork?


  • How easy is it to maintain social connections with family and friends (phone calls, Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc.) not living in your home during the (COVID-19) pandemic?

Mental Health:

  • How has your stress level changed since the (COVID-19) pandemic started?

Physical Health:

  • Not including the time you spend for virtual classwork, how much screen time are you spending (including your mobile phone, laptop, gaming device, TV)?


  • Does your school provide meals while you are home for online classes?

Substance Abuse:

  • Since COVID-19 began in spring 2020, has your substance use (alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, cigarettes/e-cigs, etc.) changed?

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Accessing the COVID-19 Impact Student Survey

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The Pride Surveys COVID-19 Impact Student Survey will allow you to better understand your students’ mental health and well-being. If you’re ready to get started, please call us at (800) 279-6361, or order now using our convenient online form!