Drug, Alcohol, and Substance Abuse Survey Provider

Tobacco, alcohol, illicit drug, and prescription drug abuse continue to be persistent problems facing America’s youth. As noted in our 2018-2019 national data set, the use of mind-altering chemicals has proven to be especially harmful to adolescents, as psychoactive drugs interfere with physical, social, and emotional growth when used during the critical years of adolescent development.

As a survey provider for over thirty years, we have been helping schools measure rates of student and teen substance abuse and drug use for just as long. We offer five different scientifically reliable and valid surveys that measure a variety of aspects of this issue, including risk and protective factors, rates of use, attitudes towards these substances, and more.

  • Risk and Protective Factor Student Perception Survey: A hybrid of the Communities That Care (CTC) Youth Survey and the Pride Survey for Grades 6 to 12, this survey measures the risk factor items that show the strongest correlation to drug use.
  • Student Survey for Grades 4-6: Designed specifically for intermediate grade students, this short and easy to understand survey collects data about attitudes and behaviors surrounding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  • Pride Survey for Grades 6-12: Targeting students in middle and high school, this survey collects data regarding incidence of substance abuse, perceived risk of drugs, risk and protective factors, and more.
  • Pride Survey for Grades 6-12 Plus: The Pride Survey Plus expands on the original Pride Survey for Grades 6-12 and adds 2 categories to the existing core measures including prescription opioids as well as e-cigarettes.
  • CTC Youth Community Survey: The original measure developed by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, this survey uses the risk and protective factor model approach to assess youth substance abuse, among other things.
  • DFC Core Measures Supplement: Specifically designed for coalitions who may already have a survey in place (usually a statewide or national survey) that does not cover the four core measures required by SAMHSA. This supplemental survey provides the data you need for your DFC Support Program grant.

At Pride Surveys, we do more than just provide substance abuse surveys to schools and other community organizations; we also offer advanced support and data analysis services to help customers get the most out of their results.

Find out more about our history or why you should partner with Pride for your student surveying needs. Questions? Ready to get started? Give us a call at (800) 279-6361   or contact us online.