Testimonials About Our Survey & Reporting Company

It makes sense to invest in a professional survey company such as Pride Surveys. Collecting local data informs our coalition of our successes as well as what strategies we need to alter or change.  Our coalition finds that Pride Survey data is essential in advocacy efforts showing stakeholders that drug prevention works as well.  The technical assistance for data analysis is always available with Pride. Their staff is personable and ready to help us in any way they can.

Susan J. Short
Job Title: Executive Director
Organization: Covington County Children’s Policy Council Coalition
Awarded CADCA’s 2018 “Coalition of the Year”

As a Prevention Specialist I have used Pride Surveys for over two decades. They provide a complete spectrum of informative data that defines a school environment from the student and teacher perspective. The greatest value of the survey findings is that they can be reviewed in a variety of statistical formats; system-wide, by school or grade, and cross referenced by various indicators using the “dashboard” tool.  This wealth of information is of the utmost value when writing grants! The dashboard is very easy to use but more importantly, Pride Surveys staff are always available with personal (real person) assistance to answer questions, provide tutorials on using the data, and assist in achieving the greatest benefit from this valuable resource.

Penny Deavers
Job Title: President
Organization: Southern Prevention Associates

Pride Surveys has been a vital provider of school, system, and state level culture and climate data to Alabama for over a decade. Their written reports are easy to read and logically constructed while their online dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use. Pride Surveys caters to the needs of their customers and provides valid, reliable and timely data when promised. I highly recommend their product and have been very appreciative of the quality of their service. In Pride Surveys you are assured of a superior product supported by a group of individuals that possess great integrity.

Dr. Tony Thacker
Job Title: Coordinator, Research and Development
Organization: ALSDE

We have been very satisfied with the survey, the reporting and their willingness to work closely with us to meet our needs. In addition, their process for administering the survey through schools is simple to follow with clear directions for the schools to implement.

Mary Haag, RN, BSN, OCPS I, ICPS
Job Title: President/CEO/Executive Director
Organization: Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati

I am ever so grateful to Angie for being so observant, taking the time to double check the order, and contacting this office to confirm the order. She is the perfect example of what customer service is and should be! She saved Cabell County Schools a lot of time and money!

Joy Ray
Job Title: Executive Secretary to Director Sherri Woods
Organization: Student Support Services, Cabell County Schools, WV

Thanks to PRIDE for providing us an excellent survey instrument over the past 19 years. I have also appreciated the customer service, quick scoring turn around, and the special reports you have created for us. In our district, we have used the results of the PRIDE surveys to inform our stakeholders, create programs, and monitor our progress. As a result, we have seen a consistent drop in substance abuse over those years.

Thanks again to PRIDE for helping us to accomplish our goals and improve the quality of life for our students.

Robert Conlon
Job Title: Director of Student Support Services
Organization: Fort Bend ISD, Sugarland Texas