School Climate and Culture Surveys

School climate and culture surveys offer a wealth of in-depth information that schools can use to assess environments, measure attitudes and perceptions, evaluate programs, and much more. At Pride, we offer a variety of surveys specifically designed to measure school environment and culture not only from the perspective of the students but also from teachers, staff, and parents.

Used in conjunction with one another, these scientifically valid and reliable measures can help decision-makers gain a more comprehensive and accurate picture of the educational environment. With this data and information, students, teachers, and administrators can then address the weaknesses within a school as a team, and build upon the school’s strengths.

School Climate Surveys for Students


School Climate Surveys for Teachers


School Climate Survey for Parents


Full-Circle School Surveying Services

At Pride, we have been helping schools measure school environment and culture for over thirty years, providing not only the surveys themselves but also offering advanced analysis and support services. We want to help decision-makers get the most out of their data so they can enact real, positive change in their schools and their communities.

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