School Climate Surveys For Parents

School Climate Surveys for Parents, Guardians, and Caretakers

It is important to understand perceptions of a school’s climate from students and teachers, but gauging how parents and guardians experience and perceive a school’s environment is vital as well. When used in conjunction with the Teaching Environment Survey and Learning Environment Survey, the Parent Engagement and Perception Survey will help you ascertain the full picture of your school, as comparable questions are asked to all three groups.

Parent Engagement and Perception Survey

Developed with parents and caretakers in mind, this survey is an updated version of the previously available Parent Survey. Parents will be able to easily engage with the data and use it in a variety of settings, such as PTA meetings, to help jumpstart discussions and boost engagement. This questionnaire covers everything from school and family engagement to academic achievement, general school life, student safety, and impressions about drug use.

This survey can be given either online or with pencil and paper, and with our intuitive, easy-to-use electronic dashboard and reporting system, all of the guesswork is taken out of interpreting your findings, so you’re able to immediately put your results to good use.

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