Small-Scale Customization

Custom solutions for smaller groups:

Pride Surveys has blank questions that can be customized on a number of our existing surveys. This means that districts or even individual schools with specific needs can utilize custom questions. It gives you the opportunity to have a proven survey instrument and the flexibility to ask the questions you need.


When we receive the request for additional questions we will work with you to provide a list of questions or we will take your fully custom questions and examine them to make sure that there is no built-in bias or leading questions that could skew your results. We will also test the sentences for grade level appropriateness. When the surveys are completed we report your extra questions in your report as frequency distribution tables alongside your other data.


The following paper format surveys have the built in extra questions and will link to further information about those surveys. All surveys conducted online have the ability to ask additional questions.


1.  The Pride Teaching Environment Survey
2.  The Pride Learning Environment Surveys
3.  The Parent Engagement and Perception Survey
4.  The Pride Survey for Grades 6-12 (ATOD)
5.  The Pride Survey Plus for Grades 6-12 (ATOD)
6.  The Communities that Care Youth Survey
7.  The DFC Core Measures Supplemental Survey