Custom Surveys

Custom School Surveys for Students, Teachers, and Parents

At Pride, we understand that your school is a one-of-a-kind learning environment that, while it may share characteristics and similarities with other schools, is unique at its core. That’s why we offer a variety of options for custom school surveys to meet your school’s needs and address your specific goals and challenges.

Available on both large and small scales, these tailored survey measures can be used by organizations collecting data on individual schools, districts, states, and more.

Custom Large-Scale Surveys for Schools

Many of our existing surveys are designed to be used by schools, school districts, community coalitions, local prevention agencies, and health agencies. For more information about customizing our local survey solutions, see the section below or visit the small-scale custom survey page.

Additionally, we provide customized survey measures to state and federal agencies and other organizations who are interested in conducting large-scale student surveys. We have administered over 47 statewide surveys, and our custom survey services include survey sample design, validity check procedures, specialized reports, and more. Learn more about our custom large-scale surveys here.

Custom Small-Scale School Surveys

Alternatively, we also offer options for customization on a smaller scale. Many of our existing surveys have an area where schools can add their own questions, which we review for bias and reading comprehension level. We can also offer suggestions for items from our own surveys that have been previously validated and tested.

This allows districts or even individual schools with specific needs to utilize a proven survey instrument that comes with added flexibility to ask the custom questions they need. Find more information about our custom small-scale surveys here.

Choosing a Full-Scale Surveying Partner

Whether you are looking for a customizable survey solution for a single school or an entire state, we can help. Learn more about the many different types of surveys we offer for students, parents, and staff and why you should partner with Pride for all of your school surveying needs. Questions? Ready to get started? Give us a call at (800) 279-6361 or contact us online.