School Climate Surveys for Students

School Climate Surveys for Students

School climate surveys for students are vital when decision-makers need to analyze the overall environment of the school, as well as attitudes and perceptions towards the learning climate, risk factors, bullying, and more. Pride offers a variety of school environment questionnaires, which are especially effective when used alongside one another, as well as when augmented with school climate surveys for teachers and parents.

Pride Learning Environment Survey (LES)

Formulated by a team of 13 top educators over the course of three years, this comprehensive school climate survey for students is an excellent evaluation tool for grades 6-12. This questionnaire gathers data on student-teacher relationships at school, student alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, student mental health, school climate, and more.

This survey is especially effective when paired with the Pride Teaching Environment Survey. Learn more.

The Risk and Protective Factor Student Perception Survey

A hybrid of the Communities That Care (CTC) Youth Survey and the Pride Questionnaire for Grades 6-12, this survey was formulated with the input of Dr. Jack Pollard of the University of Washington.

This anonymous survey asks students to anonymously report incidence of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use (ATOD) for both past 30-day and lifetime data, including where and when ATOD were used, perceived availability of ATOD, among other questions. Learn more.

The Pride Survey for Grades 6-12

With more than 7.9 million respondents since 1982, this questionnaire is the longest-running and most utilized student school climate survey to date.

This comprehensive questionnaire collects data regarding alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, discipline problems at and outside of school, personal information, academic achievement, family life, and more. Learn more.

The Pride Survey Plus for Grades 6-12

The Pride Survey Plus takes a closer look at some of the most pressing current issues we have seen develop in the past few years.

The Pride Survey Plus expands upon the standard Pride Survey for Grade 6-12 and adds 2 categories to the existing core measures including prescription opioids as well as e-cigarettes.Learn more.

The Pride Survey for Grades 4-6

The most widely used elementary questionnaire in the country, this survey was developed in 1988 and has been given to over 1.3 million students to date.

This survey reliably measures students’ attitudes and behaviors towards alcohol, tobacco, and other types of drug use just as they are beginning to develop. Also included are questions regarding academic achievement, conduct at school, family life, and more. Learn more.

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