School Student Mental Health & Bullying Surveys

Mental health issues and bullying are significant issues facing today’s youth. As reported in our 2019-2019 national data set, 19.0% of middle school students and 17.0% of high school students reported threatening to harm another student. Related points from the same data set showed that 6.5% of 6th-8th-grade students “think of suicide often or a lot,” with the corresponding percentage jumping to 9.0% for students in 9th-12th grade.

Since 1980, Pride Surveys has been providing research-quality data that can be easily used by educators, parents, and others at the local school and community level to study and monitor violent, threatening, and bullying behaviors, and student mental health. We offer four different scientifically proven student surveys that are designed to measure various aspects of student behavior and perceptions related to bullying, mental health, and more.

In addition to providing reliable and valid school survey instruments, Pride Surveys also offers reporting, analysis, and support services to help our clients learn how to use their data to be effective change agents in their communities and schools.

Learn more about the many different types of surveys we offer for students, parents, and staff and why you should partner with Pride for all of your school surveying needs. Questions? Ready to get started? Give us a call at (800) 279-6361 or contact us online.